Alyssa Machinis, Co-Founder


Dean Economos, Co-Founder

Hi, we’re Alyssa Machinis & Dean Economos, the founders of SKEEM. For as long as we can remember, we’ve loved trying new restaurants, going to cocktail bars, and exploring everything Chicago has to offer. This passion translated into exploring new places around the US and world as well.

After being asked many times by friends and colleagues for unique dinner or drinks ideas, and planning events for nonprofits, we realized there were others who would appreciate the same guidance. This is how SKEEM was born.

SKEEM is a social concierge service focused on taking the stress out of planning an outing. It strips the complexities away that deter people from enjoying themselves when they go out, such as time-consuming research, sourcing the perfect location for a date night or client dinner, or planning a full-scale event – by doing it all for them.

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