Discover New Places

When it comes to going out to drink, eat, and have fun, it can be overwhelming to figure out where you want to go. Plus, it's so easy to just return to your favorite spots. Using SKEEM helps you break out of that habit.  We know the best places to send you, from hole in the walls to Michelin stars, and we're here to broaden your horizons. Here at SKEEM, it's our job to know the newest places and the hottest spots, and we love to share the knowledge.

Stress-Free Planning

Can't find reservations? Don't know where to look? Don't have the time to look? Tell us the day, time, and a few more details, and we'll plan and schedule the whole thing.  All you have to do is keep an eye on your email, and then show up at the reservation! No more stress over figuring out where to go, getting reservations, making sure the outing goes seamlessly, ensuring everyone is happy. We'll take care of all that for you.

Impress Who You're With

What kinds of outings can I use SKEEM for?

  • Impressing your business clients
  • Company team outings
  • Meetings with a colleague
  • Dates (first date or five hundredth date)
  • Dinner or drinks with friends
  • Family reunions
  • Saturday game-day with the boys
  • Sunday Funday brunch with the girls

We want you to feel like you have a finger on the pulse of the food and drink scene without actually lifting a finger.

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